API Documentation

API documentation (Javadoc) for the latest release:

ClearTK 2.0.0 API

You can also view the ClearTK 1.4.1 API documentation for the previous release, though this release is no longer supported.

Mailing Lists

The best place to ask questions about ClearTK is the main mailing list:


We also have a separate mailing list, ClearTK-Developers, primarily for those with commit access to the ClearTK repository.

Maven Setup

ClearTK is built with Apache Maven and we strongly recommend that you also build your ClearTK-based projects with Maven. See the Maven Getting Started Guide if you are not already familiar with Maven.

To use ClearTK in your Maven-based project, add something like the following to your pom.xml:


The example above declares dependencies on cleartk-ml, the main ClearTK machine learning interfaces, and cleartk-ml-liblinear, one of the more efficient implementations of these interfaces. For the full listing of ClearTK modules, see below.

ClearTK Modules

Machine learning


Type system

Wrappers for external components

Home-grown components

Utility modules

Example code

Note: This module is only provided as source code. The code may change at any time. Never add cleartk-examples as a dependency.